Why Buy Gold And Silver?

written byMaria Eves

Why buy gold and/or silver? They are wealth assets stored outside the financial system in a safe jurisdiction, and they're both insurances for your wealth and protection for when things go wrong.

Gold and silver don't generate any interest from the government as bonds do, there's real value to owning them because they're scarce items that can't be made out of thin air. As a result, their worth will increase over time.

As the major world currencies such as the US dollar, yen, euro, and the Chinese Yuan devalue their currencies through extremely low-interest rates and massive currency creation, people are finding that they have to use more of their hard-earned money to purchase goods because things are getting more expensive.

This is not to say that the US dollar is not an important currency in the world today, but it has faced significant downward pressure over the past century. This can be seen by observing the decrease in its value over time - it's worth less than 1/5th of what it was worth when America entered World War I in 1917. One may ask what would happen if this trend continues? What happens when all currencies are being inflated and lose their ability to retain their power?

Gold, silver, and diamonds - are all valuable commodities that can help protect your wealth in times of financial distress. To prepare for a potential crisis in the banking system, it's important to store some of your assets in tangible precious metals that cannot be devalued by central banks. If you want to make sure that your assets don't lose their value at just the wrong time, it may be worthwhile to invest in physical gold and/or silver today!

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