ShoutCart Review

written byMaria Eves

Shoutcart Review Influencer Traffic Media:

Shoutcart focuses more on the influencer marketing niche. They in general align you with influencers who, combined, reach over 400 million active followers.

This is one of the best and easiest ways to open flood gates of highly targeted traffic to your website, product or offer.

Influencers send their followers to you. You don't need to build or have any following. You don't need to sell your soul to a social media traffic machine or even depend on social media. Very low cost, fast and high-quality traffic.

Whether you run traffic from an influencer to your website blog or product or become an affiliate whichever you win.

Affiliate Program:

How to generate traffic fast and receive income from referring traffic as an affiliate.

The affiliate program allows registered users of Shoutcart to earn revenue by referring traffic to Shoutcart profiles. It was designed to supplement member earnings with an additional stream of revenue while promoting your own sales page.


  • Earn 30% of Shoutcart fees as your affiliate commission.

  • All traffic from ref links is tracked for 7 days. You won't lose your affiliate commission if the customer decides to purchase later.

  • Earn affiliate commissions for the lifetime of the customer.

  • Earn even when referred customers buy shoutouts from other vendors on Shoutcart.

Place your links into your Instagram bio, direct customers to your profile page and earn affiliate commissions every time the customer buys a shoutout (even if the shoutout is from a different IG account).

  • How do I get paid for my affiliate commissions?

  • We can transfer your earnings to your balance or pay them out to PayPal. Contact us to make a request for affiliate payment.

To take advantage of Shoutcart Influencers it's free to get an account and get access to the username, profile picture, and short score for each influencer. This area is pretty limited for the tools and the types of accounts or channels within or even the price for the shoutout.

To get access to those extra tools is a must to register. Just create an account by answering their questions as to what your details include.

A huge library of influencers is available to choose from in your niche.

Filtering your list by audience size, the category to the follower demographics. This being language, country, gender, to age, and even gender alongside so much more.

You can choose shoutouts influencers from the links of Twitter or Instagram posts or Instagram bio links.

You have a choice between personal or business pages for the shoutouts. The categories consist of everything you can think of. Whether it's Travel, Technology, Nails, Hair, Health or Clothing, gaming, or whatever. The languages include English, Russian, Spanish, Dutch, Hindi, Portuguese and German.

Keep an eye on the short score ranges from 0 to 30. When you see the score go .17 that is rather low. The highest being up around 25.00 approximately.If done right the influencer marketing platform can be quite powerful as a marketing strategy. From small businesses to large businesses over 100,000+ brands literally use Shoutcart.

NOTE: Take action yourself and get your own story in results.