How To Find The Best Keywords

For My Website

written byMaria Eves

How To Find The Best Keywords For My Website.

When you own a website or a business online it is critically important to use the right keywords for your website.

Knowing this will certainly help to rank your posts and be found. Otherwise your just wasting your time and will never be seen.

Let me share the most important tips if just starting out that will move you towards getting your content found by improving your website ranking in the search engines.

Ahrefs as a tool is highly recommended but there are many other tools that are recommended.

Competitive Keywords vs Low Competition Keywords.

Low-competition keywords with great monthly searches is a priority to use in your content and pages to rank better and be found. Low competition keyword phrases are also known as Long Tail Keywords. You will find that low low competition keyword phrases have less traffic, but they are easier to get ranked to get you onto page one.

Competitive Keywords are no good as the search engines will not rank them upfront and they will never be seen.

As long as you are posting quality content with low competition keywords you will generate some great free traffic to your website. This free traffic is called organic traffic.

When researching always list the most relevant keywords that are searched for daily on the search engines related to the topic or product you are posting about.

To find low competition keywords use these two examples listed below:

This technique and tool allow us to find low-competition keywords to rank better in the search engines.

Firstly we have the “Alphabet Soup Technique” and the keyword tool Jaaxy

Let's Get Started With Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool.

ALL THE KEYWORDS above will give you an idea of keywords that you can use that are similar.


  • Average monthly searches


  • Competitive websites competing for that phrase keyword

  • Choose below 100 whilst trial testing the Jaaxy keyword research tool. The lower the better meaning the fewer competing websites for that phrase. Once you have chosen a plan with Jaaxy, choose below 200.

KQI - This is an indicator if that is a good keyword phrase

  • Red - no good

  • Green - is good - Base your next post on those keyword phrases

  • Yellow - is ok


  • If your content is on the 1st page of google that is the number of traffic hits to your website

Summary: The importance of having a tool that allows you to easily search and find those relevant keywords for your posts, website or blog to rank better in the search engines. Your content must be found otherwise you are wasting your time writing content.

Free 30 day trial with Jaaxy Keyword Software Here.

Powerful results occur if you place your keywords in certain areas of your post using low competition keyword phrases.

  1. Place your low competition keyword phrase in the TITLE.

  2. Use the low competition keyword phrase on your DOMAIN.

  3. Place the low competition keyword phrase in the first 156 text characters of your opening paragraph.

  4. Use low competition keywords in one of your main headlines H1, H2 H3.

  5. When uploading images use the same keyword phrase by typing it into the Alternative Text Section.

Alphabet Soup Technique

Using The Google Search Bar

Did you know that the google search bar is one of the best ways to search for keywords?

When you type in the search bar a question or subject google goes ahead and searches for you. It automatically has a drop-down menu of related keywords to that search.

Watch this: I typed in the words "What is affiliate marketing business model" and the phrases that appear are the top search results. These are keyword phrases you can use to write content. The key here is to use the software Jaaxy to see which one is the low competitive phrase to use.

Step by Step A - Z

1. Type into the Google search bar your keywords

2. Watch for the drop-down of keyword phrases and then type into the google search bar the letters of the alphabet after the keyword phrase. a then b then c then d and so on. As you type in the alphabet it will show you exactly what is being searched for in google.

Whether you type in the alphabet letters at the beginning of the keywords or the end of the keyword phrase you are using - look at the variety of keywords.

Check out using questions at the beginning of your keyword phrase and see what comes up.

  • Who

  • What

  • When

  • How

  • Where

This way you will come up with more keyword phrases that you can use for your next post on your website.

Summary: Although both these techniques work you will find "How To Find The Best Keywords For My Website" is by using the Jaaxy keyword research tool. Especially when it comes to choosing the low competition keywords to use in your posts and rank quickly in the search engines, to be easily found.