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How The Law Of Averages Can Make You Rich

A strategy I learned many years ago from listening to Jim Rohn that can be applied in sales as a way to become very successful, is the law of averages. He says that - When it comes to the law of averages, if you do something often enough a ratio will appear.

If you talk to 10 people and 1 says yes. The ration has begun.

So you get 1 out of 10 by simply talking to 10 people.

Here’s something interesting about the law of averages.

Once it starts it tends to continue.

So if you talk to 10 and get 1 sure enough your chances are great. If you talk to 10 more you’ll get another one. Talk to 10 more you’ll get another one.Now you can compete.

If you can get only 1 out of 10 you can compete even if you are with someone that can get 9 out of 10.

If you’v been doing this a long time then you can get 9 out of 10 but if you’ve just started out you can get 1 out of 10.

He continues to share that if he had a 30-day contest he would beat you.

You may ask how can you beat him?

Here’s why?

During that 30 days, you talk to 10 and get 9 whilst he talks to 100 and gets 10.

He beat you.

Once you understand the law of averages and if you are new to the game you can make up in numbers in what you lack in skill.

Who can do that?

Anybody that’s ambitious can do that.

So listen up.

The law of averages can be increased. You get one out of 10 then talk to 10 get another one then talk to ten get another one. The fourth time you talk to 10 you get 2.

Why the 4th time you get 2?

Simply you are getting better at what you are doing.

Who can get better?


Talk to 10 get 2 talk to 10 get 2 finally talk to 10 get 3. It takes more than a genius to go past 3 or 4. But 3 will do.

If you bat 300 in baseball they pay you $4 million dollars a year. Which means your out 7 times out of 10.

Make $4 million dollars a year.

Are you ready for that?

You don’t have to bat 1000 to make big money. 1 out of 10 is fine 2 out of 10 is terrific 3 out of 10 is sufficient to make you rich beyond your wildest imagination.

This is how Jim Rohn went out and recruited his family and friends in network marketing.

He says to them: Look Iv got a new business and I’m getting 3 out of 10 to join and I’ don’t mind you coming to the meeting and being 1 of the 7. Your my friend you’ll do me a favor. It’s not important that you like it or buy it's just important to me that you listen.

One of the reasons I want you to hear my story is because 1 year from now when I’m doing well I don’t want you to say how come you never picked up the phone and called me.

So for two reasons, I want you to see what I’m doing.

So a year from now if I’m doing well I can say I gave you the opportunity but just as a favor come and be 1 of the 7. It doesn’t matter to me if you buy or join, but I need 10 to get through. And if your 1 of the 3 wonderful but if your not, that’s still wonderful.

It doesn’t matter in terms of averages. Jim Rohn.

What are the industry standard numbers for the law of averages?

Quote: The Law of Large Numbers shows us that if you take an unpredictable experiment and repeat it enough times, what you’ll end up with is an average.

Throw the dice 100,000 times and you’ll get an average of 3.5 — which is the expected value.

So if you decide to get rich just learn the law of averages and the power of numbers in marketing. Whether it's network marketing or sales it really doesn’t matter just work on the law of averages. Jim Rohn

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Maria Eves

Founder & CEO DigitalAffiliateMarketingHub.com

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