Five Steps to Build an Affiliate Hub

written byMaria Eves

Creating an affiliate hub isn’t easy, but it’s doable. Here are five steps to get you started on creating an affiliate hub of your own, whether you’re working with thousands of affiliate partners or just one or two.

Choose the right platform

There are a variety of platforms available, each with its own pros and cons. As a rule of thumb, start with a platform that is built by marketers for marketers. Your choice should depend on how much customization you want and how much content you plan on producing along with what tools are inbuilt without having to go and integrate 3rd party tools for your customized funnels for example and carry an extra expense. If you don’t have a favorite platform yet, get started on Estage which is a website, hub & funnel builder.

Create your own product giveaway

Before you can create a hub, you need to have something of value to give away. This could be your own ebook, a tool you built or even a how-to guide on setting up your own hub. Regardless of what it is, make sure you're putting in enough effort to give something away free.

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Start promoting your product

The first step in creating an affiliate hub is to start promoting your chosen affiliate products. Begin by choosing a website that you want to associate with your brand, because you will be sending users there for all of their information about your affiliate product. If you can’t find one already existing, then create a website dedicated solely to your brand and its unique selling proposition.

Promote other products through your platform

The key to creating a successful affiliate hub is about collaborating with various companies and promoting and selling their products. Multiple pathways create multiple streams of income coming through your hub. So choose wisely when it comes to choosing your niche and products. People that share the same niche or interests will read your content. People that are looking for results out of your products and services will buy them.

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